Rocky Top Websites
Website Design
With A Budget In Mind

Membership includes the following... 
- Website designed, built and published at a discounted rate 
- Operation and maintenance of payee's website included
- Additional images and pages built and added at a discounted rate
- 1 hour of personal coaching a month
- Website advertised on other Rocky Top Website Member websites
- Website listed on Membership page
- Assistance setting up corresponding Facebook page
- Terms Of Membership

Website designed, built and published at a discounted rate
Why pay nearly $500 (or more!) for a site plus monthly maintenance and hosting fees? Membership with Rocky Top Websites gets you or your business on the web more affordable. A one time payment of $150.00 gets your site set-up with the first four pages published. The four pages being the "Home" page, "Contact" page, "Contact Form" page, "Error - Page Not Found" page along with social sharing buttons intstalled and your site linked to your corresponding social media. (if applicable) Price includes private domain registration. And hosting is free!

Operation and maintenance of member's website included

Your site will be thoroughly examined once a month to ensure links are working, pictures are retained, formatting is retained and repair as necessary. Your site will be submitted quarterly to at least the top three search engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Additional pages built and added at a discounted rate
Additional non e-commerce pages added at a discounted rate of $25 per page. E-commerce pages require additional and secure information and will be discussed with you before proceeding. Additional rate for e-commerce pages may be necessary but still discounted.

1 hour of personal coaching a month
If you'd like to learn how to maintain the site and publish pages during the first year of membership, take advantage of 1 hour of personal coaching per month. Either over the phone or meet somewhere public or private. Additional hours available at a discounted rate of $20/hr and need to be paid for in advance. (Unused time not transferable)

Your website advertised on other Rocky Top Website Member websites
Each member agrees to allow at least one space on their site as a footer banner (bottom of page) for one or more fellow members' website to be advertised. Other than the obvious advertising, more links to your site published on the web helps in search so this is beneficial to all members in more ways than one. Member sites also will be listed on each member's Site Map page as a text link. (See note below about Attributes also)

Your website listed on Membership page
One category of is a listing of Rocky Top Websites Members where each member's site will be displayed with the site's header banner plus a link to the Home page. Again, more published links. And marketing. All sites published by Rocky Top Websites will also be listed on Sites Designed page.

Assistance setting up corresponding Facebook page

If you need a presence on Facebook but don't know how to set it up assistance with that is included. This would be after the site is set up to your satisfaction that we may use what would be needed to build the Facebook page. As any social media.

Terms Of Membership
Your website begins with a non-refundable payment of $150.00 in exchange for a website developed, operated by and to be maintained by Rocky Top Websites for a minimum of one year, payment made from emailed invoice. (You will be delivered an effective web presence)

Membership begins
 once Rocky Top Websites registers your site's domain and is maintained by a monthly payment of $25.00 for the following 12 months.

PayPal LogoInvoice for membership is delivered via email monthly, payable within 10 days of date sent. Payable by most major credit cards through PayPal. Avoid potential loss of membership by prompt payment!

All rates locked during first 12 months of membership which begins the date your site's domain registration. Rates may be subject to future changes to be agreed on before the end of the annual agreement to renew membership. Membership thereafter is on a month-by-month basis.


If you're ready to go fill out and send this Membership Interview Form to get started. If you have any questions I can address for you fill out and send this Contact Form and you will be replied to as soon as possible to discuss your need for a website. And how Rocky Top Websites may assist you!

All sites built by Rocky Top Websites will have an attribution of Copyright, "Powered by Rocky Top Websites" and Privacy Policy posted as a linked image at the bottom of each page. An example of which is at the bottom of this page. The Privacy Policy covers client's interest in Rocky Top Website publications. Information on receiving your own business privacy policy generated free may be found on the Private Policy page.

By making initial payment as a Member, unless negotiated otherwise,  payee agrees to the terms on this page.